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How To Do Fetish Cam Shows

How To Do Fetish Cam Shows
Fetish cam shows have hands down been the easiest, most fun, and the biggest money makers of my camming career. Some people wouldn’t believe some of the things I have been paid a lot of money to do on my webcam!

How Fetish Shows Differ from Vanilla Shows

You probably already have watched other camgirls in free chat once in a while and/or have done your own vanilla shows. You can definitely make good money by stripping and masturbating on cam. However, if you aren’t capitalizing on the various fetishes that millions of guys are into, then you’re missing out on money and fun.
Let’s say you just got a customer who wants a foot fetish cam show. The first thing you need to remember with fetishes is to NEVER show them or extensively talk about their fetish in free chat or before getting paid. Of course, you can tell him your shoe size and what you’ll do in the show, but don’t ever show your feet for free if he’s into feet or smoke in free chat if he has a smoking fetish. If you give it away for free then he won’t need to pay you, will he?
Okay, so you’ve gotten paid for the foot fetish show. Some guys will need you to have your feet clean with a perfect pedicure. Yet others will love your feet really dirty and sweaty. Obviously, just play to what each customer wants. You can paint your toenails on cam, slowly lotion up your feet while massaging them. I love to use my realistic dildo and lotion and give a foot job on cam. I also suck on and lick my toes, sometimes while looking into the cam. You can use lotion to look like cum on your feet after giving the foot job. Be creative and have fun with it. You’ll always make more money and build more regulars when you’re really into what you’re doing.
Give a good show every time and they’ll give you more money.

Indie Sites or Big Box Camsites?

Independent webcam sites, such as SkyPrivate, allow you to work for yourself, using Skype as your camming platform. They offer a payment processor and traffic for your Skype shows. SkyPrivate pays 75%-85% commission on revenue generated from your sales, which is much higher than most big box camsites. Some additional benefits to using an indie camsite are that you have more freedom in what you do on cam, you do not have to sit in free chat, and you make all your money doing private shows! Many models prefer this type of control over their camming career.
A lot fetish models use SkyPrivate. If you choose this site, you will fill out a profile advertising your camshow services. You will set your own rates. You will also find a lot of fetish clientele through this network, increasing your customer base. Indy fetish camming is a wise choice, because not only are you making a much higher percentage than big box cam sites, but you can charge even higher rates because they’re fetish shows. And, fetish shows are really fun!
But you can definitely make insane money with fetish shows on the big box sites as well. If you are new to camming, you may want to start out with a large camsite for two reasons: 1) Build your client base and 2) Learn how to cam. Your first few cam sessions will probably feel a little awkward, and you will learn by trial and error. In the beginning, it’s best to focus entirely on your camshows and not worry about traffic. A well-known camsite like LiveJasmin will bring lots of traffic to your room.
Once you’ve become well established on the big camsite, you can go Indy if that appeals to you. Use Twitter, Snapchat, or other social media to communicate with your customers offsite. Then update your social media with the new link to your Indy cam page. It’s a win-win situation for you and your customers. You make a higher percentage, and both you and your customers can feel more relaxed knowing that you don’t have to abide by such strict rules that some camsites have.

Popular Fetishes

The most popular fetishes I’ve encountered while camming and making content have been SPH (small penis humiliation), foot fetish, spanking, FinDom, BBC (big black cock), cuckold, body worship, sissy training, and verbal abuse. Anal gaping, heels, pantyhose, giantess, and smoking fetishes are also huge. Check out IWantClips and Clips4sale and just look at the thousands of different fetishes people are banking on big time. Learn about as many as you can and get that money!
You can make passive, recurring income by recording fetish clips and videos and putting them on the big clip sites. You will get paid over and over for work you did only once. I highly recommend adding content sales to your camming career. Tweet whenever you add a new video and look at some of the other cammodel’s stores to learn from them.
Learn as much as you can about as many fetishes as you can and do them well. Make quality shows – don’t half-ass it or you’ll be selling yourself short and your customers will notice.
You may surprise yourself at how much you enjoy making these clips and doing fetish shows. I learned so much about myself and my sexuality over my many years camming. Have fun and go get kinky!
-Written by Raven Skye – Follow her on twitter: @raven69skye

High Heels – A Sexy, Feminine Fetish

My post on about heels fetish has amazing artiles and tips for cam girls. 

High Heels – A Sexy, Feminine Fetish

As a cam girl, you’ve probably amassed a large collection of lingerie, sex toys, and stockings. As a woman, you may have a few great pairs of delicious high heels, too. If you don’t already own high-heeled shoes, you should go out and buy a few pairs quickly!  Not only do heels make your rear stick out and your stomach appear flatter when you’re wearing them, there are millions of men who can’t get enough of watching you show off your sexy feet in a nice pair of heels.
I’ve recorded a lot of content in my heels and had a lot of fun doing it. They make me feel prettier, sexier, and more powerful with my female sexuality. Just tell me when you’re dressed to the nines in a corset, short skirt, fishnet stockings and a pair of five inch heels that you don’t feel like every man wants you. I thought so.
Utilizing your sexy heels in cam shows is fairly simple. Get dressed in a sexy outfit, slip on some thigh high stockings and accentuate your gorgeous legs with your hottest pair of heels. My favorite pair is my shiny purple four inch heels. I made a few videos and pic sets in them and they keep selling. I even received a custom video order one time on where the guy simply wanted me to stand in my heels for 15 minutes doing nothing but pointing the cam close up on my heels and legs, seductively raising one foot at a time and rubbing it against my other leg. No talking. No nudity. This video is 15 straight minutes of my high heels and he loved it! Doesn’t get much easier than that, right?
Make sure you own at least three different pairs of varying height and color so your cam customers have options when buying a cam show. You can walk back and forth like a runway model (watch Americas Next Top Model or YouTube videos for inspiration). You can sit in a chair with your legs crossed and zoom in on the heels, ask him if he wants to kiss or lick your heels, and so on. Most often, the customer will direct you and tell you exactly what he wants to see. After you’re done with the cam show you can take the opportunity to do a picture set and/or video to sell on your clips sites for extra money. Create a wish list (here’s mine at and add the shoes you want so your fans and regulars can buy you even more pairs for cam shows and content. Being a sexy, desired woman is pretty wonderful sometimes, isn’t it?
-Written by Raven Skye – Follow her on twitter: @raven69skye

My Post About Sissy Training for Cam Girls on

Sissy Training -Turn Your Cam Customers into Pretty Little Sluts
Sissy training fetish, also called Sissification, encompasses a few different aspects. Each sissy, just like each person, is different, but most like to pretend they’re being turned into a woman. They want to be taught how to put on makeup, dress up in slutty lingerie and pretty outfits, like to have their penises called clits, be screwed by your strap on cock or pimped out by you to guys with huge dicks, and similar things along these lines. You’ll encounter some sissy boys who like to be dressed up like a slutty girl by you and made to suck your boyfriend’s dick, but they won’t want anything to do with anal sex. Others will want to be completely feminized and roleplay being whored out to a group of huge black men. Don’t assume that because your sissy cam customer wants to wear stockings heels and lipstick that he also wants to be taken by a man. Ask him questions and feel him out. You’ll get better at it the more sissy girls you get, and you’ll pick up on their hints after a while.
I love my sissies. Other than SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) guys and foot fetish customers, sissification fetish clients are my favorites. I’ve done cam shows and custom videos, always fully clothed myself, where I’ve taught them how to apply makeup properly, taught them how to suck cock well (when wearing a strap-on), and role-played with them where we went to a club and I pimped them out to men for money. They always have a blast and so do I.
For your sissy training cam shows you should have ideas in your head about sexy, slutty outfits you’ll dress them up in. Have a strap on dildo to wear and roleplay oral and anal sex. You can take your dildo and show them how to suck a cock and teach them how to be the best little whore they can be. You can have assignments ready for your sissies to do to get repeat cam shows or for your regulars. I love giving them homework such as going to a lingerie store and asking the clerk for a sexy corset that would look great on them (this facet incorporates humiliation). Make them take pictures for proof. Have them go buy a sexy red lipstick and practice applying it. Think of more assignments for them to do each week and talk about them/have them show you what they learned during your next cam show.
Think of your sissy sluts as students whom you’re training to be the sluttiest, most gorgeous girls who give the best head and take cock like a champ, and you’ll make them happy. They will return to you again and again. This is the type of fetish cam customer where you’ll want to let your soft but firm Domme-self shine. Release your inner Dominatrix and help them release their inner slut, and you’ll do a fantastic cam show. And don’t forget to tell them what good little cock hungry slutty girls they’re being. They’ll be eating out of the palm of your hand and your bank balance will be overflowing.
One more helpful tidbit: sissification fetish can tie in with cuckolding, BBC, and SPH fetishes.
-Written by Raven Skye – Follow her on twitter: @raven69skye

Cuckold Losers: Want to Watch?

My hot post about cuckold fetish on :O) Enjoy!
Hi cucks. You’re some of my favorite pathetic losers to play with. Well, not actually play with as you’re not allowed to touch; you get to sit in the corner and watch me, your sexy girlfriend, being pounded and pleasured by three strong men with cocks bigger than your forearm. I tell you that your tiny, ugly little pinkie dick could never satisfy me and I make you sit and touch yourself while I have all my tight holes filled. I’m your gorgeous cam girl waiting to cuckold you. Mmm that’s what you really love, I know it.
You have a fetish and it’s called cuckolding. Maybe your wife of 20 years cheated on you because you never made her happy in bed. You found the texts and pictures on her phone. And you loved it. Or, maybe you’ve always had a two inch pecker and every girl who’s had the bad luck to see it has laughed at you before running away screaming. This is how you discovered who you really are and what you really need. You, my little castrated, sad little man, hate but absolutely love living out your cuckold fantasies while touching your hard stump and drooling over me being fucked by my boyfriend with his 10 inch cock. I bet you can’t even cum unless you’re sitting at your computer watching a stunning cam Goddess roleplay that she’s your cheating whore of a wife and she and her real man are laughing at you while you wank yourself off. Because, face it, you’re just too small down there and not enough man for any woman.
You can be indulging your cuckold fetish right this minute on fetishlivecams with one of the many sexy kinky cam girls. They are just dying to humiliate you and show you what a real dick looks like, trust me.

Ass Worship-On Your Knees, Subbie

Here's my post I wrote for on ass worship fetish. Check out my other hot fetish posts and the hot cam girls theres, too. :)

Ass worship fetish is a facet of body worship fetish and it’s quite popular. Even if it’s not your actual “fetish”, you’re most likely either a boob man or an ass man, right? If you’re a submissive horny boy, you just love to get on your knees while your Goddess with the perfect, juicy ass stands over you and teases you with her big cheeks. Standing tall in high heels and thong panties (or not wearing a stitch) shaking, spanking, and rubbing her booty with oil makes you hard in your jeans and weak in the knees, doesn’t it? Twerking, spanking, and body worship fetish (among thousands of other) clips and webcam shows are increasing in popularity and quantity every day.
I know, since your kink is worshipping and adoring your Mistress’ delectable derriere, that you definitely love doing fetish cam shows all the time with your favorite fetish webcam models and Mistresses. You can most definitely enjoy a hot, kinky ass worship fetish cam show with the sexiest, strictest Dommes on fetishlivecams. Explore your naughtiest, kinkiest fantasies and roleplays and obey and worship the hottest fetish cam girls online on fetishlivecams. You know you’re just dying to glue your eyes to your screen while Mistress gets on all fours and does a close up of her round, smooth, milky ass and commands you with her strict voice to blow your hot load all over that ass. Or maybe you prefer to be on yiur knees where you belong so you can stare up at the giant beautuful booty in yiur face, smothering you. You would give anything to be near a perfect cam Goddess and touch her amazing ass. Sadly, you’re probably too pathetic to ever get near any of those beauties in real life but you can fantasize all you want and cum again and again while your fetish Queen gets your money. You’re aware that any kink or fetish you can imagine can be indulged in online, right?
So subs, slaves, kinksters and horny boys, hurry over to fetishlivecams and explore all your kinks and naughty needs. Just remember to do what your Mistress commands and tip that perfect ass when you’re finished adoring and worshipping it in all its glory.

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I have a ton of sex toys including glass dildos, realistic dildos, butt plug, vibrators, BBC strapon. I love using lotion and oil all over my body.
I love fetishes, these are few that I offer, you can always ask me for others:
  • SPH
  • BBC
  • Sissy training
  • ABDL
  • Cuckold
  • Anal
  • Strapon
  • Feet
  • Cum eating
  • JOI
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Spanking
  • Ass Worship
  • Ignore fetish
  • Spanking
  • Wax
  • Sexting
  • Tarot readings
  • Tattoos/piercings
  • Heels
  • Pantyhose
  • More
My Rates:
Cam: $3/min (10 minute minimum for regular cam shows).
Cam: $5/minute (10 minute minimum for anal cam shows).

I make custom videos and picture sets: $50 for a 10 minute custom video in HD. $75 for a 20 minute custom video. Fetishes welcome.
$50 for ALL my videos over 25 HD vids mediafire DL links.
$25 for a custom pic set 30 images.
$20 for ALL my pic sets thousands of pics. Mediafire DL links.

Here are a few happy customer reviews:

Queen Sinclar is a sexy beautiful woman with a hypnotic sensual voice for all fetish fantasies. I purchased a video hypnosis cei and was gorgeous.
Eat M
Had a good show with Queen Sinclair. Was very accommodating to my fetishes. Will repeat.
Had a great show very nice to talk to and very dirty when she needs to be will deffinitly come back!

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Violet Doll: The Financial Domination Queen and What is FinDom?

Violet Doll: Professional FinDom and Top IWantClips Seller

Violet Doll. I have been admiring this stunningly gorgeous Goddess for over 7 years now. She has had several very successful solo sites, been a camming Goddess and now Violet is unbelievably successful selling fetish videos and clips and getting pay pigs and submissives to shower her with cash. Violet has over 46k followers on Twitter (@violetdoll) and her IWantsClips store makes a ton of sales daily. How is Violet Doll so successful and what exactly does she do? She’s a fin Dom or financial Dominatrix.

What is Financial Domination?

Financial domination, also called findom, fin dom, is best explained by Dr. Sue:
Financial Domination comes from a deep need for a loss of control. Financial Domination can be played in a myriad of ways but the main idea is a dominant woman seductively or harshly manipulating money from a submissive male.
For the submissive the idea of having a woman take money from him or manipulate him into a state of wanting to give money to her is incredibly erotic. In some cases the submissive male even dreams of complete financial ruination”. The men are called pay pigs, pay piggies, subs, etc. This fetish is many times referred to as ” wallet raping”. Submissive men give their hard earned money to gorgeous Dominant women and both parties get great pleasure out of it. It’s a win-win but the fin dommes are clearly getting the better end of the stick.

Violet Doll IWantClips

Violet On IWantClips: Replacing Camming With Findom

Take a look at Violet’s IWantClip store. You can see why she’s called Violet DOLL. Her big pouty lips, long, beautiful blonde hair, huge tits, tiny waist, and amazing ass bring men and women to their knees and empty their wallets at the same time. I must confess I’ve spent an hour or two perving on her webcam back in the day. But, Violet hardly does camming anymore. Why? She doesn’t need to. Her findom fetish clips and tributes make her all the money she could need or want. She knows how to look at the camera with her huge doll eyes, shake her ass and show her massive cleavage just enough to make men weak and helpless and give her all their money. And these men do it happily, again and again.
Cam girls and Dommes you can learn a thing or two from how Violet Doll makes insane money doing what she loves and what she’s best at. What exactly is she best at? Causing erections and draining bank accounts. It isn’t just her perfect body that makes her so successful and famous. Violet is highly intelligent, interesting, business-minded, and knowledgeable about the fetish she’s built her empire on.
There’s no end in sight for Violet Doll’s reign as Queen of financial domination fetish. And, personally, I am very happy about that. Also, a bit turned on, too.


Findom Takes More Than Telling Guys To Send You Money

There are thousands, even tens of thousands if not more, women/dommes either making money or trying to succeed in the findom world, but many dint know what they’re doing. Many are even just pretty girls who think they can get rich quick by getting men to give them a ton of money. In reality, there’s s great deal more to this fetish than calling oneself a fin dom and telling guys to send you money. Please don’t think it is in any way, easy money. You have to know what you’re doing, get inside the minds of these subs and pay pigs, and make them beg YOU to take their money. It takes a true Domme to do it and be successful at it. You really should enjoy the mindfuck as much, if not more, than the money. With Violet you can tell she truly does.

Violet Doll

Connect With Violet Doll

Twitter: @violetdollIWantClips: Violet DollWishList: Amazon Wishlist